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My studio I stare as my quest to make what I like the most, art, crafts, jewelry and in a way I can do something beautiful and meaningful, inspired by life and love. It helped me a long of the way as a source of income to get me through some difficult moments. I never knew it would turn into something I could really enjoy doing everyday. My little business quickly grew and I start being able to create what I love even more. 

I do everything handmade from scratch, have my hands in making every piece, even if it is just metal or it is incorporated with gems or texture, I work by myself and I try to finish all my jewelry in a way it remains uniquely handmade. One of a kind, the pieces will never be exactly the same.

I am grateful to be able to create pieces of art with the hope that it inspires you and your loved ones to celebrate and cherish the most meaningful moments in your lives.